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Reusable Packaging that spans the globe

Packaging seems to get a bad press these days in terms of environmental impact - however, not many people are aware that Industrial Packaging, such as drums, kegs and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are the modern-day equivalent of the old wooden casks / barrels that have been used to transport an incredible variety of raw materials around the world for centuries!..

What's more, these packagings not only safely contain products during global shipment, but are multi-trip, reusable within a global network of companies that collect, clean, inspect and test so they can be repeatedly reused and begin their journey again!

So, next time you're thinking of how your packaging can be more environmentally efficient - consider how Industrial Packagings, such as drums and IBCs contribute towards getting the raw materials safely and efficiently across the world to ensure you have a product that is just as you need it!

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