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Reconditioning, Reuse and Recycling

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Our members provide a national service for the collection and reconditioning of used Industrial Packaging - enabling their repeated reuse before end of life cleaning and recycling  


Reconditioned drums and IBCs can offer fillers and users significant savings against the cost of the equivalent new items.

However. the choice of the correct reconditioner is critical to ensure safety

and the correct performance of the package, along with its compliance with

the rules pertaining to the transport of the product contained.

The UK has a Department for Transport approved scheme, operated through the VCA, for the reconditioning of both steel drums and plastic drums, to meet the exacting standards of UN & ADR for transport of dangerous goods.

Reconditioners operating within this scheme are subject to regular on-site

audits by experts from the VCA, who check on various aspects of the reconditioner's operations - including; record keeping, staff training, quality procedures, production systems and equipment calibration in both

administrative and production areas.

The schemes for reconditioning steel drums and also plastic drums to meet UN standards for use with Dangerous Goods are well established and documented. However, it should be noted that no such scheme exists in the UK for the reconditioning of IBCs as the term "reconditioning" does not appear in respect to IBCs within the UN or ADR regulations. IBCs are therefore subjected to "Repair, Remanufacture or Routine Maintenence" which has very specific meanings and should be understood by fillers and users when purchasing from a reconditioner. 

The IPA continue to work closely with our colleagues in Europe and Worldwide. For links to European Drum and IBC reconditioners - visit the SERRED website at:




Manufacture of high quality, performance packaging is only half the story – todays market demands the most cost-effective, environmentally efficient use of resources – with packaging a primary consideration.

The IPA represents the very best Drum and IBC Reconditioners, who maintain a

close working relationship with IPA Packaging Manufacturers to ensure performance

is maintained and environmental efficiency is enhanced across an extended life-cycle –

all to the significant benefit of their customers.

IPA Reconditioners utilise modern, highly developed systems to process a wide range of packaging types, materials and residual products, within a tightly controlled Waste Management structure.

Their customers can assured of gaining the maximum economical and environmental advantage from all their used packaging by making best use of all available options for Reconditioning, Re-Use, Recycling and Recovery offered by IPA Reconditioners.

IPA Reconditioners’ comprehensive range of Waste Packaging services includes:

  • Nationwide Collection Networks

  • Dedicated Reconditioning for Customer Re-Use of their own packaging

  • Supply of Reconditioned Packaging to Certified Standards

  • Inspection & Test Facilities for Dangerous Goods Use under UN Recommendations

  • Certification of Packaging as reconditioned to UN Recommendations

  • Waste Disposal & Recycling Services –for non reuseable packaging (inc Hazardous Products)

The IPA is instrumental in supporting this vital sector of the Industrial Packaging Industry – through meeting, lobbying and continually reviewing all aspects of National, European and International Packaging Design, Testing, and Waste Legislation that may impact on our members and their customers.

The IPA further supports its members by providing all the required technical assistance and advice on all aspects of Packaging and Waste Regulation – including Dangerous / Hazardous Goods.

With the recent changes to regulations on disposal of Hazardous Wastes and the banning of Co-Disposal in Landfill – the use of IPA Reconditioners’ facilities for the treatment of used Dangerous Goods Packaging is an ideal means of ensuring all regulations are complied with and the costs are kept to a minimum.

Through the direct meeting and liaison of both manufacturers and reconditioners, the IPA ensures the continued protection and development of this highly effective and efficent sector of Industrial Packaging.

Please contact the IPA for any advice on Reconditioning or Recycling of Used Packaging.


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