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Green Energy Turbines

Environmental Care

It's incredibly unfair when the media use pictures of drums leaking the contents as an example of how we pollute the planet. Such images are ignorant and unfortunate examples of the true reality -  where drums are responsible for many millions of safe, uneventful journeys, carrying an incredible variety of raw materials around the globe every single day!... 

What's more - for centuries, since the days of wooden casks being carried on sailing ships, industrial packagings have been repeatedly collected, cleaned, inspected, tested and reused multiple times - often in different countries from where they started - before being eventually recycled at the end of their life as a safe container... how many other types of packaging can do the same...on a global scale!

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IBC Cleaning System B.jpg

Used IBCs being cleaned, ahead of testing and inspection for reuse

Reconditioning & Recycling Gallery

Coopers taking a break from remaking wooden barrels - circa 1930's

Single-file drum cleaning system 

Preparation for recycling...crushing and shredding of cleaned drums after failing test and inspection -  no longer fit for purpose

Steel drums being tested following paint removal - ahead of new coatings for customer

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