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Welcome to 
The Industrial Packaging Association

The UK trade body for the Manufacture and Reconditioning of Drums, Kegs, and IBCs  

Industrial Packaging Products & Services

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Reconditioning & Recycling

Review the main groups of the Industrial Packagings manufactured and the support services provided by our members - click on each above image for more information.


You can also contact our members directly, using their details on the Member List & Contacts page or directly with ourselves at The IPA,  for any further details.


Please note that The IPA does not manufacture or sell and packaging products - we are the trade body only and all sales or pricing enquiries should be directed to our members.

About The IPA

The Industrial Packaging Association was formed in May 2004 from the merger of The Association of Drum Manufacturers, (ADM) The Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container Association (RIBCA) and members of the Federation of Drum Reconditioners (FCDR).

The IPA is the leading UK trade organisation for Industrial Packaging and is directly involved with numerous UK Government Agencies and key National, European and International Working Groups (inc; BSI, CEN, ISO & United Nations) focusing on the essential Design, Safety and Environmental aspects of Industrial Packaging - to ensure the highest standards are maintained across the whole industry.

We continue to work with our European partners across the industry of manufacture, reconditioning and reuse of drums and IBCs - including direct involvement with the EIPA (European Industrial Packaging Association).

The IPA is a pro-active body, ensuring the UK’s Industrial Packaging Industry is promoted, recognised and respected both within the UK and Internationally.


Customers of IPA Member Companies can be assured of the very highest standards of manufacturing, testing, quality control, life-cycle services and environmental care when purchasing packaging that needs to perform in the toughest environments.

Please take your time to have a look through our website and review our member companies and their extensive range of Industrial Packaging products & services – feel free to contact us at any time for additional information.

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