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Fibre Drums

For powders, pastes and semi-liquids

Fibre drums are used globally as a packaging medium for powder, granular, paste, solid and semi-liquid products and can be made to your specific needs and to UN Transport standards.


Fibre drums are used widely in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and can carry a wide range of materials, types of products packed include:

  • Powders and Granules
  • Adhesives
  • Foodstuffs & flavourings
  • Dyestuffs & colourants
  • Wire & cable / metal
  • Rolled sheet material

The Fibre Drum

Fibre drums are produced in specific diameters, with fully customisable heights and weight constructions, to specifically match the demands and requirements of customers and end users.

A wide range of capacities are available from 5 litre to 270 litre and most Fibre drums can be produced to UN Packaging Group I, II or III (Solids) standards.

Although there are many styles and variations of fibre drum, all have the common feature of being made from fibreboard. This material comes from renewable, managed timber resources and is carefully chosen for its strength and performance. All drums have a fully removable lid, produced from fibre, plastic or steel, allowing full access to the drum. The global standard for securing the lid in place, is by a metal closure band, with a lever or latch action, which can be secured with a tamper evident seal.


The application and performance of fibre drums can be enhanced considerably by the following range of options and features :

  • Polyethylene lining - removes the need for separate liner bags and also allows semi liquids to be packed
  • Polyfoil lining - removes the need for separate linings and offers enhanced moisture protection
  • Silicone lining - offers high release properties, especially suitable for adhesives
  • Weatherproof - applicable when fibre drums are required to be stored externally
  • External decoration - enhances the image and character of the drum / product
  • Printing - promotes your company and products, can remove the need for separate labels
  • Inner fibre core - around the core, wire and cable is packed

Disposal and the Environment

At the end of its useable life, a fibre drum can be split out into its constituent elements and recycled - making this package an economical, yet ecologically friendly option.

All Fibre

  • Made from virgin or recycled fibreboard
  • Fibre slip on lid
  • No metal
  • Also available in square-round profile

Metal Chimb Top & Bottom

  • Made from virgin fibreboard
  • Plastic or steel lid, secured in place by metal closure band, with lever or latch action
  • Maximum performance capability with metal top and bottom chimbs
  • Can incorporate a wide selection of liner bags, linings and barriers
  • Global standard 

Slip on Lid / Metal Base Chimb

  • Made from virgin or recycled fibreboard
  • Fibre or plastic slip on lid
  • Improved strength and performance from metal base chimb

Fibre Drum facts:

Fibreboard is a natural product - grown from sustainable forests that are not only managed but with significantly more trees being replanted than are harvested.

The life of a managed softwood tree (as used for manufacturing fibreboard) is quite short but in the time these trees take to mature, they are much more active in the absorbtion of CO2 and production of Oxygen than their longer-lasting, slow growth, mature hardwood trees as found in the rainforests. 

Being a natural, grown crop, the trees used for fibreboard production are truly sustainable and continually being replanted - something simply not possible with extraction of oils, gases and minerals.

Fibre drums can be made in a very wide variety of designs and can be suitable for a surprising range of products - including:  Liquids, Dangerous Goods, Sensitive Powders, Pharmachemicals, Steel Wire and many, many more products. 

Contrary to popular belief...fibre drums can also be stored outside - even in the rain!...

The IPA work very closely with the European Fibre Drum Manufacturers Association: SEFFI.

Their website and member details can be found at:

Contact the IPA or one of our fibreboard manufacturing members for more advice.