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IPA Response to 2020 Plastic Packaging Tax consultation

8th September 2020

The IPA have responded to HM Revenue's recent consultation on the proposed Plastic Packaging Tax - where any packaging containing less than 30% post-consumer recycled material will be subjected to the tax.. 

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Covid-19 : Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy Letter

13th April 2020

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy has confirmed, in his letter dated 8th April 2020 that; "there is no restriction on manufacturing continuing under the current rules".  Industrial packaging is a key element of the UK's supply-chain infrastructure, for handling and transporting raw materials across a number of product sectors - such as; foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals (including disinfectant and cleaning products) and petrochemicals.

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Assessment & Classification of Waste Packaging 2017

12th July 2017

This is the joint industry document on the Assessment and Classification of Waste Packaging - developed in conjunction with the UK Environment Agency and adopted in England, Scotland and Wales - published in July 2017

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2016 Duty of Care Guidelines from DEFRA

28th March 2016

DEFRA have now published their revised Duty of Care Guidance - please see attached document by clicking on the DEFRA logo to the left - or download via the following link:

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UK Reconditioning Sector - Concerns over inconsistent EA Audits & Permits

15th March 2016

The IPA have raised concerns with the Environment Agency & DEFRA over the rising level of inconsistent audit requirements for the UK Container Reconditioning Industry. 

With many empty, uncleaned packagings, that are for cleaning and reuse, being outside the scope of waste regulation, it appears that some regional EA officers are mistakenly applying Chemical Waste rules to reconditioning operations, who are collecting (where these are considered to be waste) used packaging - as correctly consigned under EWC 15 codes.

The IPA have also raised concerns over the incorrect issue of T1 exemptions - which many companies are using to treat wastes that are not within the scope of T1 allowances. 

The attached letter details some of these concerns and may be used for reference by IPA Reconditioning members when liaising with their local Environment Agency officials.





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