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Standards, Regulations & Codes of Practice

The IPA work directly with the key Government Agencies to ensure the regulation, enforcement and standards applied to our industry remain fair, workable and equally applied.

We are currently closely involved with various agencies, including the following:

Department for Transport:  specific focus on Dangerous Goods packaging and transport regulations and development of the UN model regulations.

VCA Dangerous Goods Division: holding the chair for the Packaging Scheme Review Committee - monitoring the UK's certification schemes for dangerous goods packaging manufacture and reconditioning. 

Department for Environment:  specific focus on packaging and packaging waste regulations as well as the hazardous waste laws. Including member involvement with the key Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) - reporting to DEFRA and Government Ministers.

Health & Safety Executive:  close liaison on the enforcement of regulations for the manufacture, reconditioning and also the use and handling of industrial packaging

British Standards Institute:  with key roles developing standards, including chairing the committees on Packaging and Environment, Drums, IBCs in addition to membership of others such as Dangerous Goods Committee.   

All Party Parliamentary Group on Packaging:  in cooperation with the Packaging Federation, the IPA are a part of this important government group to ensure our packaging industry remains fully represented within the corridors of government and that we can directly raise issues of concern to Ministers for action as and when required.